how to store constants in SRAM

Hi all, I want to store some constants in sram. so, i did like

.dseg .org ramend a: .dw 0xaabb,0xbbcc

but it seems , this way constants are not stored in sram on the other hand if , i did like this

.dseg .org ramend a: .byte 4

.cseg ldi r28,low(a) ldi r29,high(a) ldi r16,0xaa st y,r16

then it works

Can somebody explain? thanks

I want to store some constants in sram

You are asking for something that is physically impossible. A contant, by definition, is something that has to survive when the power is turned off. Nothing in SRAM survives a loss of power.

In a Sketch, constants are copied from Flash to SRAM before main is called. You will have to do something similar for your assembly program.