How to store data from Arduino to external storage device? Do i need any shield?

Hello friends,

Can anyone help me out on saving data from Arduino to hard disk. Is there any shield i need to use?

Thanks in advance

If you mean a stand-alone USB drive, yes, you can use a USB host shield.

If you mean a drive in a PC, no, you can use the USB cable or bluetooth to send data to a terminal programme like RealTerm.

Yes, I am using a USB drive (Hard disk) of 500 GB. Can i do with this?

You will need a USB Host shield - or an arduino with host capabilities, the MegaADK, which has a MAX3421E chip for USB Host capability. As for mass storage device control software, I don't know what to suggest for that.

I used "Atmel Mega 8 with 28 Pins" Not arduino board


Then you still need MAX3421E chip somehow. Can use one that's on board that Sparkfun carries The chip is only available in a small surface mount package.

I tend to think with Atmega8 you will not have the processing resources (program space, SRAM) needed to run the MAX3421E chip and the hard drive.

You might have more success using NAS rather than USB. You will still need to find/write your network client stack, but it would save trying to get the Arduino to work as a USB mass storage controller. Unless you’re lucky enough to find somebody else who has already done it, I think you’d find that was very difficult indeed.