How to store Male to Male flexible cables

I bought some Male to Male flexible cables for my first arduino projects but I can't find a proper way to store them. They are in many lenghts and it is very difficult to figure out which one do I need every time I use them. If someone has a way to organize them I would be very thankful.

This how they look right now.

Get a flat box from Really Useful Boxes. I have a bunch stacked up on shelf over my workbench.
Staples, OfficeMax have them.
The 4 Liter and 9 Liter sizes are good.

We use these in our lab:
pomona test lead holder

Hi, When I used those a lot I hung 3 clothespins above the bench and sorta sorted them..

First thing to do is grade them into common lengths. Then bundle common lengths together (but not with elastic bands ) using twist ties as used for kitchen bags. Then place in suitable sized flat plastic container with snap-on lid.

If you make your own leads use a colour coding system for each common length. Use the same colour coding as resistors to assist with remembering then; so shortest lead is brown (1), then red (2) and finishing with black (10) Yes I know black is "0" but a lead of zero length isn't going to be much use !


Maybe fishing tackle-box ..... instead of putting wire trace, put the arduino jumper cables in instead.


Or get some kind of plastic toolbox that allows you to have long parallel slots for putting the wires in.

Or need to do some D-I-Y to make a box with long slots.

I use an old wooden wine box and throw them all in there (male/male, male/female, loose and ribbon). A bit messy but I don't have too many so that's OK for now.

For the typical short jumpers, both male-to-male and male-to-female, I use a couple of small open-topped trays, (originally containing individually-wrapped cheese slices), on the workbench for easy access. One sits inside the other to save space when I’m not using them.
M-M and F-M jumpers.JPG

I only have a few in those trays, and keep a bulk number still in ‘ribbon’ form in “Snap-Lock” plastic bags thrown in a cardboard box with other MISC bits and pieces.

My large scale, generic parts box includes all of my jumpers, some favorite resistors, semiconductors (including LEDs), capacitors, and some optics: