How to stream accelerometer (MPU6050) data live (wifi) using ESP8266?

Hi all,

I have a MPU6050 IMU connected to NodeMCU and was wondering if someone can assist with getting that data off the board to my raspberri pi? I have successfully managed to read the IMU data into the NodeMCU, but not really sure how to proceed from here. Ideally, I want to have a setup with 5 IMU+NodeMCU combos streaming data at 100Hz to my raspberry pi, which I can then use to do some further live processing.

I've managed to find the ESP8266wifi library, and as far as I understand, I should connect my NodeMCU as a client to a "Server" on my Raspberry pi. Is this correct? If so, can someone please point me in a direction of a tutorial with explanations on how to set-up a raspberry pi server and connect my NodeMCU to it for live data streaming?

Thank you!