How to stream multiple traces to multiple graphs with Arduino Yun and Plotly?

I am using Arduino Yun with data streaming service from Plotly ( to monitor temperature and humidity in a real-time manner. After following the instructions on arduino-api/plotly_yun at master · plotly/arduino-api · GitHub, I am able to stream both temperature and humidity traces into one graph. However, since their values differ a lot (e.g. temperature ~ 25 in degC, while humidity ~80 in percentage), it would be better to stream the two traces into two graphs respectively. A multiple-graph approach also facilitates visualizing more sensing data (e.g. air pressure, UV level).

There is example code for streaming multiple traces to multiple graphs on Streaming multiple traces to multiple plots with Arduino and Plotly · GitHub. However, it applies to Arduino Uno + Ethernet shield instead of Arduino Yun which is at my hand. I wonder is there any way I can implement streaming multiple traces to multiple graphs with Arduino Yun. Any suggestion is welcome. Thanks.

I solved the problem with configuration functions provided by Plotly.

First, to create an extra Y axis by clicking Axes → + → Stacked (under the New Y item). Then to assign trace 1 to the new Y axis by clicking Traces → trace 1 → Y2 (under the Axes item). Finally, to explicitly show the two graphs by clicking Themes → select a theme with two graph frame-boxes like Duluth. In such a way, you will have trace 1 streaming in the top graph, while trace 0 in the bottom graph. You may hide the legend and modify the Y-axis labels to make the display more clear.