How to submit software to the Arduino public domain?

To Whom it May Concern,

This is my first post to an Arduino forum so please forgive my naivete. I have written some software that I would like to contribute it to the Adriano public domain in case someone might find it of use. I was wondering how I might submit it for review? I have looked around the Arduino web site but I have not found an E-Mail or repository for that purpose.

Thank You and Best Regards

David Q R Wagoner

hello there, while there may be other options, a github page may be a good start. what did you make?

Awhile back, I wrote a small cooperative OS (task switcher) that I have used on other projects. I ported it to the Android just to see if it would work. Not having any hardware I tested it on the AVR-Insight debugger and the Emulare simulator. I got it working and was going to shelve it but thought that someone might find it of use. One side note, I found that the call to "millis" does not seem to be working on the simulator though. I hope that it works as advertised on real hardware.
I really wanted to just submit it to the Arduino software community via file upload or E-Mail to an administrator.

Just post it somewhere in the Forum - as you have (sensibly) done.