How to switch between multiple sim card

hi all

i will to make a new project with arduino and GSM module quectel m66. my problem is i can't know how to switch between multiple sim card real time. my scenario is, connect all sim card as parallel together. sim gnd, rst, clk, io is shared between all sim card and i control and select target sim card with arduino and multiplexer. actually all sim card vcc connected to multiplexer HC4067. is this way worked good? or no, please tell me how to find a good way for solve this solution.

attached image is project similar with my project.


nobody help me???

Perhaps trying it will be the fastest way to find out.


Can you provide information about the image you posted? I would like to know which project it is.



Sounds like you just need to go and buy that as a ready-made unit!

Why you might want to do that - well, there's another question entirely! :astonished:

Depending how many cards you need and what SD control signals really are needed to switch may be you could find another IC analog multiplexer than HC4067 more suited for your project

I work with cellular solution every day, and I can’t think of a reason I’d design a board like that - unless it was to test 2G SIM cards ?!

Please enlighten us.

Hey man,

I am in a project that requires me such a board (bad part is i need it to be nano sim for the size economy).

Do you have a working prototype ?
Where did you make the pcb ? (company ? price ? duration?)


@alcon1989, you should repost your request in Project Guidance - orGigs & Collaboration.