How to switch Xbee module modes

Hello everyone,

This is my first post, so excuse me if I'm posting in the wrong place, and kindly let me know where I should actually post this.

First of all a brief description of what I want to do :

I am making an independent portable device that would be able to transmit and receive from many other devices such as itself. That is it should broadcast some message within a given period of time. This device will mainly consist of a PIC MCU and an XBEE module for wireless transmission.

The problem that i'm facing is that, in order to make communication as I have described above, the device should be able to switch between a Coordinator and an end device. Can someone please advice me if this is possible with the xbee modules, and how i can actually achieve this.

Any help would be very valuable...



the device should be able to switch between a Coordinator and an end device.

The device being the XBee, right?

You know that there are Series 1 and Series 2/2.5 XBees, right? You didn't tell us which ones you have.

hey paulS,

thanks for your reply.

The thing is, we really havent purchased the products yet, thats why we want to find out wether what I have mentioned is possible or not with the xbee module...

please let me know as soon as possible...

thanks again.

Digi (the makers of the XBees) has some wonderfully help people on their payroll. You could ask them to help you select the correct radio for what you want to do, if it is even possible.

well paulS...thanks for ur suggestion...I already posted this same question on the digi site now..will see how the response is...

thanks... :)