How to take and upload a photo using Arduino to arduino I2C , 2 ethernet Sheilds

Im looking to take a photo using TTL serial camera when it check if the mac address of an rfid card is not valid (in database) or not exits… the master aduino UNO send which connect (rfid module , Ethernet shield , buzzer and leds ) to another aduino UNO (slave) which connect (camera , ethernet shield with sd card).
now my problem in case of invalid mac address (after check in database and return invalid or not found in dB ) master sends a value of “1” on wire to the slave but when the slave get the permission to take the photo . the photo (TEMP.JPG size = 0 kb ) so when i open the brower on ( it loads index.htm that saved on sd card but the image dont load becouse it’s empty.

NOTE: every part in slave working fine alone
1.take a photo
2.upload the photo
but not working together.

SD (754 Bytes)

Master_I2C.ino (3.52 KB)

Slave_I2C.ino (10.4 KB)

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