How to talk to the Arduino from other devices and languages

My name is Bhavana, and I am an intern at PubNub Inc., at San Francisco for summer (2014). It has been an amazing three months for me here at PubNub, where I got to work with the Arduino finally. PubNub is a global real time network, that lets you send JSON messages from any platform/device to any other device, all language independent.

My first project involved integrating the Arduino to PubNub, so we can communicate bi-directionally with the Arduino from a browser speaking HTML or a Raspberry Pi or even an Android device, anywhere in the world. PubNub makes this really easy as it supports several SDKs and is extremely fast. Typical use cases will for the purpose of connected device/ embedded device demonstrations and to integrate the Arduino to the Internet Of Things domain.

It was my first project, so I was very very excited to get down to actually working with the Arduino Mega. I got all the peripherals attached( Ethernet Shield ) and powered up this little beauty. I also wanted to keep the code minimal and as simple as possible. This is what I came up with :

All you need is a PubNub account ( and internet connection and you are good to go. Hobbyists can you use PubNub for FREE for development using the DEMO, DEMO keys. So go ahead and create a new FREE account and start building some amazing Arduino projects.