How to test TFT Display

This is my first experience with an Arduino Due. I was able to upload the blink example and get it to work. That's the most experience I have

I purchased this display for a project

There is a download with examples in it here

I want to test the 480x272 demo. I see the ino file and have downloaded the UTFT library and added it to Arduino IDE.

Do I open the ino file in sketch then include the UTFT library and complile then upload? Or am I missing steps?

Post the code for the example that you want to use.

If the example uses the UTFT library, the library will be included by the example code.

I will not download a zip file. Read the forum guidelines to see how to post code.

You have bought a 480x272 Display with an Adapter Shield. Just plug into your Due.

BuyDisplay provide a ZIP which has both libraries and examples.

Follow any instructions. Quote which example by name. Which library(s) you have installed.

It seems sensible to use the code provided by the Vendor first. I presume that they have been tested with their own products.

Yes, Chinese Vendors tend to package hacked versions of old libraries. e.g. this seems to be based on UTFT v2.79 and UTouch has now been replaced by URTouch.

When you have verified the hardware with the Vendor supplied libraries and examples, you can install the current URTouch and UTFT v2.83

Readers will be happy to help with any adjustments required for up to date libraries. But only when you post accurate information. i.e. which ZIP example by name, which ZIP library by name. I don't have your hardware. I can only replicate your situation if I know which things you have used from the ZIP.


Thanks for the suggestions...

I got it to work. I copied the library folder that was included in the zip into the arduino\libraries folder under My Documents (Win 10), compiled the code, uploaded and it worked.