How to text/SMS arduino?

Hello Board! This is my first post, so be gentle.

I want to have a box that does cool stuff for a science party based on text messages sent to a phone number. I’ve done some preliminary research and there appear to be GSM boards and some phone/arduino serial solutions.

Can anybody that has been through this recommend a really simple / elegant solution? I will be buying an Android soon so could use that but am open. (If anybody has any killer andoid recommendations I am all ears as well - am a bit underwater with all the choices)

Thanks in advance. Woot blinky blinky!

The kind of phone sending the text message is completely irrelevant. It can be an Android or an iPhone or a $2 piece of junk. As long as it can send text messages...

there appear to be GSM boards

There do. One would have to presume that they work, or people wouldn't buy them. (Except bluetooth stuff, that is.)

If anybody has any killer andoid recommendations

I'm pretty sure that the application of a sledge hammer to an Anroid would kill it.

Ha very witty response. The phone matters if it is the thing that is connected to the arduino that passes on the text message. Again - this is where i am looking for guidance. What works and what is a pain the is *ss?