How To Track My Vehicle on the Cheap and Live

Hi dear frends.

I am student of Engineering department.

I must to do graduate project.

My project is Live tracking system.

I should watching on computer where is car or bicyle or animal.

Important part is; I must watching live on computer or phone.

Accualty ı search some arduino kits from internet. I found " LinklT one" kits. Maybe ı can use that kit or others kits.

But ı didnt do any project about arduino. it will be first arduino project.

How can I do,how can ı follow process, which arduino set ı can buy.

Thanks for helping.

It would appear that you would like us to invest our time in assisting you with your project but you aren't prepared to invest a little of your time reading the post at the top of each section of the forum - 'How to use this forum - please read'.

The reason I know this is that you are requested NOT to post the same question in different parts of the forum, which you have done. A moderator has removed your other post.