How to transform arduino in a common peripheral ( like a mouse or keyboard)

Hi :) First, I do not know if I'm posting in the right place , sorry for any mistake!

I wonder if is to do for Arduino (or a standalone chip with Arduino bootloader) be recognized on the PC as a peripheral like any other, that is, I want to connect my project done with Arduino to my computer but do not want him It is listed as a programmable Arduino in IDE, but as a common plug and play device. I do not know if it was clear, but it would be something like: I do a kind of mouse with the Arduino , connect it to the PC through a USB port , wait a bit until Windows recognizes the device and install the drivers and voila! The "mouse" would be ready for use without the ability to get into the Arduino IDE and write code over that of my mouse.

Arduino leonardo and micro can already do that. To only have the chip without the board, you will need to design your board or use breakout board.

It is not clear if you want your Arduino actually to be a mouse or keyboard - if so a Leonardo or Micro can do that out of the box.

However if you want the Arduino to appear as some special device you have created you will probably need a combination of PC programming and modifying the USB interface on the Arduino. Neither of those is simple and modifying the Arduino USB interface is a good way to break your Arduino if you don't know what you are doing.