How to trigger a z-wave action ?

Hi All,

Trying to find a way to have my IR remote control trigger a Z-Wave light…

All I could think of is the below process but would love better suggestions.

Arduino Uno Receives IR signal and decodes it → closes the appropriate relay on a module connected
to a z-wave door contact sensor (tricking the contact to thinking its status changed (closed to open or vice versa) → sensor is paired to Z-wave Wink Hub and send signal that status changed → event is triggered and turns on/off the light.

I think this could work BUT I also think it means one door sensor per “action” I want to trigger and have Wink “listen” for.


You need a Z-Uno:

Z-Uno is an Arduino IDE compatible board. It have Z-Wave on board and can be programmed like an Arduino in the same language.