I have a project using two sensors and MKR GSM 1400. I only want to use battery to power mkr gsm 1400. Do you have any idea how to turn off the chrg capabilities? Because it seems the board was working for sometimes and suddenly when the chrg was blinking. It went to idle state and when I pressed reset, it works again.

Obviously, in real world when I installed the device in the remote area, I can't keep reset it as I like.


Thanks, RT

Do you just mean the Charge LED ?

If so it has always had an "odd" behaviour. When used with a correct battery pack that changes to better represent the actual properties.

Most people ignore it when connected on USB.

Search the MKR1000 section of the forum where you will find more information on the subject.

What size battery are you using?

I don't plan to use USB to power it.

Yes, I mean charge LED. My goal is to use mkr gsm 1400 only powered by non-rechargeable batteries and will last long about 6 months without changing the batteries.

I am using 3.6V Titus battery in series. Therefore, I have around 7.2 V and I connected them in Vin. Does this one work? It works for me but I don't plan to use LiPo batteries because it won't last long. Also 4 AA x 1.5V Alkaline battery doesn't work. I plan to add the mAh capacity by adding the 7.2V in parallel to make it last longer for the batteries.

Do you have any alternative or suggestion? Is the board not meant to be use only for batteries?

Thank you, RT

battery: in series

Modified your link a little

BTW do not forget this is a 3.3 volt board ! Just be careful and check the board spec before you start pushing 7.2 volts around it.

Alkaline batteries never last long enough for Arduino work.