How to uninstall Arduino IDE "portable" and ESP32 board?

On a Linux Mint version 20 box…

Using the instructions from HERE
I installed the Arduino IDE in a folder as “portable” at

Then using the instructions from HERE
I installed the Espressif ESP32 board into the Arduino IDE.

Then I attempted to run the ESP32 WiFi test code in the above link…
but it didn’t work.
Works on Window’s but not on Linux Mint version 20

I’ve chased it off and on for a week so now I’m ready to get both the Arduino IDE and the ESP32 board off the Linux Mint machine and start over from scratch?

I can delete the Arduino IDE “portable” folder at…

But…how do I delete the ESP32 stuff?
I see stuff in

But what else is out there? So…

How can I completely get all the Arduino & ESP32 stuff off my Mint 20 machine?

Thanks for any help.

In my attempts to get it to work I noted that Linux Mint v20 only has python3 installed so, as advised elsewhere, I ran…
sudo apt install python-is-python3
Didn’t fix it.

then, as advised elsewhere, I installed python-pip3 and ran…
pip3 install serial
Didn’t fix it

Also I realized that while the Arduino IDE was installed all in one folder as “portable” that the Espressif ESP32 board installation didn’t honor the “portable” concept and created folders elsewhere as noted earlier in this post.

So now, let me get it all off and to heck with “portable” and just find out how to install the Arduino IDE and the Espressif ESP32 board in the Arduino IDE as a normal Linux Mint v20 installation.

If you don’t have other stuff that you want to keep, you should be able to just delete the entire .arduino15 directory.

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