How to unmerge question?

Someone merged my question with another, older question of mine just because they thought it was a similar "Topic" or question. But the question I had asked in the new topic wasn't answered and after it was merged, nobody else got to even see it. What can I do about this?

They most certainly got to see it.

You need to use the "report to moderator" to ask for things to be un-merged
Please remember that moderators dont just make a snap decision but more often work from a report provided by another user. If that other user suggests that both topics are similar another and a moderator on inspection comes to the same conclusion it will likely be re-merged again.

You posted this Q in a more obscure area I will move you to the more relevant one.

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Can I not ask a new question just because it’s technically called a “topic”? Yes, it’s about the same LCD, but they’re DIFFERENT questions. Why did you merge them?

And you don’t have to answer this, but how is the place I posted this question “Obscure”?? The “General Discussion” “topic” literally says “Talk about ANYTHING”!

I’m just on this website to see if anyone can answer a couple of questions!

Same LCD and was clearly reported by somebody as a continuation of your other topic.
Which yourself said.

Your question fit better into the section I have moved it to.
It is FORUM related.

I follow up on reports so dont shoot the messenger.

Additional note that spurious reports will be treated as forum vandalism which may incur forum timeouts.

I closed your wasteful report with no further action.

Can I un-merge it, or rewrite it now without getting merged again (since you happen to be the moderator who merged it in the first place)? If you moved it for context, then there's no need: it's okay with me because I provided enough context in the new question (and if I didn't, then the answerer's can ask me). I don't see why that particular "somebody" can just decide to report a question for needing to be merged without actually giving effort into answering the question.

How does that even happen anyway? When said person discovers the older, "related" material, they'll know upon reading it whether or not it contains the necessary information for THEM to answer the question. If they don't know the answer, they get to merge it "for other people"? When that didn't already work for THEM?

The reason I make it a big deal is because I don't want my question buried underneath a different question. And someone who isn't even answering the question shouldn't have the power to do that.

Please post a link to the Topic that has the code you want un-merged so that others can consider the merits of the case.

I regularly suggest that Topics should be merged as it makes it much easier to help when all of the info about a project is in the same place and we don't have to wonder if someone else has already provided an answer in a different Topic. Also I tend to ignore projects where questions about them are scattered in several Topics - I suspect I am not the only one.


@Robin2 I'm actually just asking the moderator at this point. He said I have to report to a moderator and ironically, I don't know who else to ask but him (ballscrewbob). I didn't think the exact moderator I was talking about would be in the answer section of my question.

Link me to the darned POST.

I will look at it but promise nothing at this point.

Never mind it stays merged as it WAS the same topic same code etc. to me and to others.

You can still report to moderator and I will abstain from the unmerge request.

Not to be pedantic here but the forum would be a nightmare if we allowed "I dont like my answer let me ask the same thing again in a different post"

No one gave me an answer that worked! I have plenty reason to believe that it's because my question was at the bottom of a forum for a DIFFERENT question. I have no problem with answers, as long as I have the right to asking questions so I can get them in the first place.

How is merging that question any different from me, i dunno,asking a question right here about potatos and expecting someone who clicked on "how to unmerge questions" to know the answer?


The people in this forum are just other Arduino users like yourself.
Asking for a quick response may be like watching paint dry.
In some cases it puts people off helping.

Remember almost all of us do not work for Arduino.

You seem to think that all a moderator does is mess things up because they dont suit you, or they don't know anything about anything that you are involved in.

You may be surprised to learn that my skillset is way beyond moderation.
So far all I have seen is an attitude that would dissuade me from helping.

I have given you an option and my opinion, and if that is not good enough for you then good luck with the next moderator.

I never mentioned anything about quick responses, I just want any responses. And I basically can’t get them if I don’t post the new question.
I got help from 1 person. Why? Probably because they were already talking to me on this old,long forum for quite a while. That old question is dead! I might as well have been dm’ing the guy! No one is going to find the question, especially due to it’s age by now.

Actually, unmerging will probably still result in it being hidden due to how old this question is. So can I please just delete the merged version and repost the question? These questions are different, and I can provide context. Just because one person’s answer didn’t work for me doesn’t mean I’m being selective with my answers. I feel like I’m not even being given a chance here, that’s why I’m coming off as rude.

So can I please just delete the merged version...

Not going to happen.

...and repost the question?

Have at it. This will get you started.

@Robin2 I'm actually just asking the moderator at this point.

I know that. But you are not having much success. So maybe it would be worth the risk to create an ally.

Of course I might agree with the Moderators - but then you won't be any worse off.

And at the very least I could see the part of the question that, according to you, has been ignored.


Looks like one discussion to me...
When you add to an older topic, it gets popped to the top of the list, so your complaint that “no one got to see it” is inaccurate...
(In fact, you can also get “in trouble” for adding to a thread that is “too old.” We see people all the time asking “can you tell me more abouT how you did that” on topics that have been shelved for YEARS, where the OP hasn’t been around for years, either.)

If I repost, how can I make sure that no one merges it again or tries to ban me or threaten a "time out"?

Here's the merged question by the way:

People may still comment on it after years, but I don't think enough people have gotten a chance to properly see the new question because it doesn't belong on an old forum. I'd really rather just post it again if I can. The only reason I want to delete the merged post is because I would be posting the exact same question that got merged.

Moderator’s decisions are final, and most often correct.

You seem to think that posts added to an “old” thread will not be seen.
That’s not true. New posts “bump” the whole thread.
You’re not getting more answers because no one seems to understand your question(s)

If a new post contains enough of a previous post somebody WILL report it.

If a report comes in and ANY moderator considers it part of the same topic it WILL be merged.

And considering you are clearly aware of the cross posting rules at this time there is a good chance of a time out and that's not a threat as you are aware of the rules, but seem to want them changed or dismissed for your case only.

You have seen the comments of others including another moderator and i presume you could follow what they say.

This topic is becoming tiresome and if it does not change from being a broken record then it may need to be moved to BAR SPORT and that might not be something you want.

Can I delete the merge and post the new question if I include a link to where it was merged earlier? That way I won't be posting the same question