How to upgade to 1.6.0

OK, I've downloaded 1.6.0. What is the best way to upgrade? I think I need to make sure I don't new libraries with the old and now, do I have to pick out the special libraries from my 1.5.8 folder and move them into the 1.6.0 folder? How do I do it without messing thing up and/or scrambling things?

I will try to answer my own question.

Copy the 1.5.8 libraries to a seperate folder. Then copy and replace the 1.6.0 libraries over the 1.5.8 libraried. This way this directory will have the latest libraries. Then copy the contentents of this directory over the directory containing the 1.6.0 libraries. Yes??

Hi barryjo

I had 1.5.8 installed in a folder called C:\Arduino_1_5_8.

The standard libraries that came with it were in C:\Arduino_1_5_8\libraries.

The libraries I had installed over time were in my libraries folder in my sketchbook folder <my documents>\Arduino\libraries.

And in File - Preferences, the sketchbook path was set to <my documents>\Arduino.

To install 1.6.0, I downloaded the zip file version and extracted it to C:\Arduino_1_6_0. File - Preferences still points to <my documents>\Arduino so it finds my added libraries OK.