How to upgrade the IDE

I am using the Arduino IDE from the windows store it is version 1.6.13 I just received an email today the a new version 1.8 is out. When I try to upgrade it brings me to the windows store and then all I can do is launch. Can someone tell me how to upgrade to the latest IDE from windows 10.

Go to the Downloads page, and click on
Windows ZIP file for non admin install

Download the .zip file, unzip it into a folder, then right click the arduino.exe and create a shortcut and drag it to your start menu.

I think I am making this more confusing then it really is. the method that you just explained works for the regular IDE, I am talking about the windows store Arduino app IDE. I wanted to use the windows app but I can't figure out how to upgrade it. The method that you described does not work on the windows store app.

Is the new version even out for the Windows app? Last I heard, there were a lot of problems with the windows app version.

That would explain why I can't seem to upgrade the app version.

Yeah, forget using the Windows App store to install the Arduino IDE if you possibly can. The last version I heard about on there, 1.6.11 had problems that the standard 1.6.11 didn't have and the version on the store was months behind the one available from the downloads page. Maybe they'll get their act together but it just seems like more trouble than it's worth unless you have a specific reason that you need to use the Windows Store version.