how to upgrade to IDE 1.6.5 in Linux

Hi all,

I have sucessfully installed the IDE 1.0.xx from the repository on my Zorin/linux distro.

I have downloaded the latest IDE 1.6.5 but can't figure out how to install it.
(Where do I unzip it? etc...)

Thanks in advance for any assistance

Just unzip the file in your home directory. Then open the folder in your file manager and double (or single) click the arduino file. If double (or single) clicking dosen't work for your system open a terminal an cd into the arduino folder and type ./arduino on the command line and press enter. Should be good to go.


Yes, that is one way to run IDE1.6.5 But how do I move it to the startup folder on the desktop i.e replacing the old version?

I am unfamiliar with your Linux distribution. However it should have some utility available to add and remove items from the system menu, try a Google search.