How to upload 2 sketches and include libraries

I am building a cloud sensor and rain detector. Nano based project found on an Astronomy forum.
“Cloud Sensor Evo Plus”
it uses IR Sensor MLX90614 (sky temperature)
Temperature Sensor DB18B20 (ambient temperature)
Arduino rain sensor

I have Hardware sourced and constructed but when it comes to the software sketches and Library inclusion - I am not that good.
The posts are quite old and am having trouble with no response.

Wonder if anyone can lead me through the sketch compilation/upload?
There are 2 sketches and 2 library elements to be included.

From the Library manager I can find one of them: Onewire the other i2cmaster seems to be a different version to that in the Library Manager?
In Library Manager I find one called Soft2CMaster - reference in my documentation calls it i2cmaster

The other part I am having trouble with is the placement of the two sketches into one folder (as per instruction) for upload.
I have the sketches downloaded. One is called CloudSensorEvoPlus.ino the other Command.ino

Documentation says: Save the code and put the Command.ino file in the same folder as the CloudSensorEvoPlus.ino
You can now compile and upload the code to the Arduino.

What is the correct procedure for this and where/how do I include the 2 Library elements. I just need a nudge in the right direction.
This is quite a nice little project and would love to complete a working version.

Thanks in advance!

Please post a link to it.

Hi in0



Here are the instructions for installing the sketch on your computer:

  1. Go to the GitHub repository that contains the sketch: GitHub - hjd1964/CloudSensorEvoPlus: Cloud and rain sensor for Arduino
  2. Click the Code button on that page.
  3. Select "Download ZIP" from the dropdown menu.
    The sketch will now download.
  4. Unzip the downloaded file.
  5. Rename the unzipped folder from "CloudSensorEvoPlus-master" to "CloudSensorEvoPlus".
    This rename is essential because the folder name of the Arduino sketch must match exactly with the name of the primary .ino file.
  6. Open the sketch in the "CloudSensorEvoPlus" in the Arduino IDE.

You will now notice that the sketch has two tabs: "CloudSensorEvoPlus" and "Command". Arduino sketches may contain multiple code files. The sketch files are represented in the Arduino IDE as tabs.

Unfortunately, that is not the right library. Even more unfortunately, the website of the right one has died of old age. However, we can recover it through the magic of the Internet Archive Wayback Machine:

  1. Open the last good archived copy of the website:
  2. Click the "" link to download the library.
  3. Select Sketch > Include Library > Add ZIP Library.... from the Arduino IDE menus.
  4. Select the downloaded file ("").
  5. Click the Open button.

Unfortunately, after that the sketch compilation still fails and I don't have any more time to dedicate to figuring out what is wrong. I think some of the other forum members will be able to assist you with this new new problem.

Good Morning in0

Thanks so much for taking time on this. Thanks too for the clear instruction re the sketches. Shame there is a problem with the i2cmaster library and the failure on compilation.
I will replicate so far in the hope I can make some progress.

Meantime I think I will return to Stargazers Lounge in the hope that I can get a result.
Thanks again so much for your interest and help.

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