How to upload libraries in Arduino Create / Broken Makeblock lib

Hi ,

I'm trying to upload makeblock libraries into Arduno create so I can do my development online.

I've been trying to follow the instruction HERE but all that keep happening is either nothing or sometimes i get an error like THIS

The libraries just contain a bunch of .c and .h files

Can someone give me directions on this ?

Hi @meat030, you're right there's a bug, it will be fixed tomorrow, thanks for your report!

Hi ,

Has this been fixed ?

I tried uploading some .h .c file libraries ..

I got this

[18CDEj0f] 400 invalid_request: attribute "name" of response is missing and required, attribute: name, parent: response

That error is for a non compliant library.

Could you provide a link to the source.

Also there is an attachment here with some help for libraries at the bottom of that post.

The libraries I’m trying to import are makeblock libraries which are located here .

more specifically …the files i’m interested in are located in the src directory which contain a bunch of .c and .h files.

I tried to zip the src directory and then imported that.

There are instructions on the makeblock forum

which I also tried to follow but it didn’t work.

The examples will import to sketchbook if zipped on thier own.

I tried a few variations with the libs but get a different file name error with each import even though I am using the same zip file with all the source files in a single directory.

Some of the team will be on Holiday but hopefully somebody will be about on Monday to review this.

Hi @meat030,
I opened an issue about that, we'll let you know as soon as we can identify the problem

The problem is a wrong example: Wrong example for Me_Megapi_encoder_direct · Issue #37 · Makeblock-official/Makeblock-Libraries · GitHub

You can use the attached library that has been hotfixed (the example is still wrong though) (433 KB)

Try this: Get the library again, make sure it is zipped when you get it. If not, zip it. DO NOT open the library! Go to web editor, go to libraries, click import, click import again, choose the ZIPPED library, and I think you click import again. It should work. It worked for me.

Same issue for me. I wanted to upload a library for my sketch I WAS working on hehe.. but am receiving the same error... Here's the library. Google Code Archive - Long-term storage for Google Code Project Hosting.

Extracted all and zipped just the .h file but receive the error.. Am I doing something wrong?


It needs other files in the zip to be able to work.
Just importing part of a library will not help you.

There are no examples in that lib so I will guess you already know what you are doing or have an example to work with.


It is also a VERY OLD lib so you may have other issues as it does not seem to have been maintained.

I have a similar problem.

I had successfully imported a zip file into my custom library.
Then I deleted from the custom library.

Now I am trying to import it again. The files are compressed
with zip. I even removed the other files in the directory. The import vailes with

... 400 invalid_request: attribute "name" of response is missing and required, parent: response, attribute: name

The only change I made was to change "long" to "unsigned long".

I guess I should not have deleted the old library definition. But I thought it might be
the cause of the problem.

could you please share the url of your sketch, the custom library you are using and the exact steps to reproduce? thanks!

Jan 1, 2018

I just tried to upload a new custom library member.
I received the following message:

[] [A3t2aTfK] 400 invalid_request: attribute "name" of response is missing and required, attribute: name, parent: response

I was previously successful in uploading new library members last month.

Has something changed.

I restarted my browser, the plug-n, and removed and plugged in the board. Nothing seems to help.
I have a sketch which includes to cpp and .h members and that script works correctly.

Any help is appreciated.

Can you attach the ZIP and include maybe a link to the non working item ?

Hi! I have the same problem with this file:

When I upload it to the library tab, the error message is: 400 invalid_request: attribute "name" of response is missing and required, attribute: name, parent: response

I made this library to test stuff. I uploaded this library and it worked:

I couldn't find a big difference when comparing the two. I would appreciate if anyone could point me in the right direction

Is that a library you made yourself ?
If not can you supply a link to the original ?

Libraries must be in a specific format.

See this article for more information

I made this library myself. I have fixed some issues in the meantime, but it still has the same problem. New link: - Google Drive

I have followed that tutorial to create it

Something doesnt quite look right but I am not clever enough to see just what it is.

Hopefully somebody with a little more knowledge comes along.

You must put your library in a folder called KBuffer and put that folder in the ZIP file.

In other words your current ZIP folder content is:


but the needed format is: