How to upload program to Arduino Mini with DFrobot USB Serial Light Adapter


Im rather new to such circuits and programming stuff.

I recently gotten myself a Arduino Mini 5v, didnt manage to purchase a Arduino USBSerial connector as it was out of stock from my local store.

Instead I got a USB Serial Light Adapter from DFRobots.

I followed the guide here

on how to pair up those two.

But I cant seem to upload my sketches.

After hours, its still loading (attached).


I've bought the same "USB Serial Light Adapter" from DFRobots and I had the same problem.

In fact, the markage is totally odd on this board...
"USB Serial Light Adapter" TX must be connected to Arduino mini's TX pin
"USB Serial Light Adapter" RX must be connected to Arduino mini's RX pin

I hope it could help someone...

Best regards,