how to upload program wirlessly

Hey, Does anyone know how to upload a program to the arduino wirelessly? I know how to do it by connecting a usb to it, but I was wondering if anyone knew how to do it over a wireless connection?


I know of the xbee method:

or using the Arduino Bluetooth

There will be other ways that are possible


I did not quite understand the tutorial, I see that the transciever is telling the reciever to reset, but how does it upload the program to it?

I am using a nordic transciever for my project

To load a program into the Arduino, you need to tell the bootloader you are trying to do so. The bootloader will only listen for this signal right after reset. It happens something like this... 1. Reset arduino 2. bootloader if the first program to run, it listens for commands on the serial connection (UART0, arduino pins 0 and 1) 3. If the correct command is received before a certain amount of time, then the bootloader will allow you to upload your program. If it does not get these commands in the correct amount of time, the bootloader then continues to execute the program that is already on the arduino.

Hopefully that helps you understand what is going on.

The problem is that the Nordic wireless transceivers need to be initialized and talked to in the correct way. I don't think you can just relay serial commands with them. If this is the case, you will need to rewrite the bootloader to be able to communicate with the Nordic transceiver. You would also need a way to accomplish the same thing on the computer you are trying to program with.

but I was asking about how do u transfer the hex file over the air

but I was asking about how do u transfer the hex file over the air

The wireless sender reads from the serial port, and transmits the data over the air. The Arduino IDE does not know that the device listening isn't really an Arduino, as long as it provides the correct responses in a timely fashion.

So, when you click Upload, the program is "uploaded" to the sender, which airs the broadcast, and receives appropriate responses and writes them back to the serial port, which the IDE is reading.