How to upload raw audio files to teensy 3.2

so I'm building a lightsaber (and this is my first project so i'm quite a noob) and I don't have any idea how to upload audio files into teensy3.2 + prop shield combination. I found this project from internet and I thought that "WOW! That looks awesome." here is the code: and I don't really know how to find the audio files allthough.... Maybey you can help?

I don't know, but since nobody's chimed-in...

If you are using an SDcard you can write the files with your computer (if you have an SD slot). That's the most common way to get sound out of an Arduino.

If the files are "permanent" you can make arrays in your program (if you have room in the flash).

FYI - There's no advantage to raw audio files. A WAV file is "raw" PCM data preceded by a very-short header that tells the software the format, sample, bit rate, number of channels, etc. With a raw file, you (or the software) has to know the format details in advance. But, if you're copying someone else's project you'll have to copy whatever they did.

FYI: OP has posted this question in the PJRC Teensy forums where it belongs.