How to Upload Without Compiling?

Every time I compile a sketch and then hit upload it compiles again and then uploads. Due to an issue with the old Arduino Nano bootloader I need to upload a program without compiling it. Is there a way I can upload a program to my nano without first compiling?

Issue: The old nano bootloader has a WDT issue. if I can upload a program to the nano before it boots up I can bring it back. If I try to connect the nano and hit upload, the time it takes to recompile is too long and it cannot be reprogrammed. I don't have the cables to burn the bootloader the the moment.

Bootlaod the Nano with a new bootloader and no more problem. It is not hard to burn a bootloader using another Arduino and the ArduinoISP sketch. You just need 6 pieces of wire, no special connector.

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Try holding down the reset button until the compilation is finished.

Sounds like the old bootloader isn't clearing the wdt flag. Where is the old bootloader located and can I edit it to fix it? Surprised this hasn't been fixed...

It has.

It resides in the Arduino's flash memory.

You don't edit any files. In post #2 there is a link that explains the process.

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