How to use 2 i2c sensors simultaneously?


I want to hook up these two sensors:

Sensor 1

sensor 2

They both use i2c. I'm not sure I've understood how this works exactly.

Am I right, that if they both happen to have different addresses, I should just be able to connect them both to the same two i2c pins, and they should work without any problems? Would I have to consider anything while coding in that case?

On the other hand, what if their i2c addresses are the same?

You are right, both can be connected to the I2C bus. HTU21D address is 0x40, and BMP180 is 0x77 so they should play nice together.

They both seem to have pullup resistors installed. That is probably not a problem unless you hook up more modules to the bus. You really need to keep the total pullup resistance to more than about 1K ohms. The total resistance is all the resistors on a line in parallel.