how to use 2 IR1838 Infrared Receiver in one arduino..

hello... anyone can help me...i already use 1 IR1838 Infrared Receiver in my project... now i want to make it 2 IR1838 Infrared Receiver.....but its not working.. i use irremote.h work when i just use 1 IR1838 Infrared Receiver...

Did you try google, because when I did a solution was the first answer (Seach: "irremote multiple receivers").

Another way is to feed the output of the receivers through logic AND or logic OR gates. These are available in cheap ICs or you can make your own with standard transistors. (again via google).

if you want to try it yourself the key line in the library is:

uint8_t irdata = (uint8_t)digitalRead(irparams.recvpin);

You could manipulate this to read 2 pins at the same time, like: (untested)

#define recvpin1 7
#define recvpin2 8
//the next statement reads 2 pins using OR logic
uint8_t irdata = (uint8_t)digitalRead(recvpin1) | (uint8_t)digitalRead(recvpin2);

//or alternatively

//the next statement reads 2 pins using AND logic
uint8_t irdata = (uint8_t)digitalRead(recvpin1) &(uint8_t)digitalRead(recvpin2);

The final approach really depends on what you are trying to achieve with the second Infrared Receiver, which is not clear from your post.

PS: These IR1838 receivers are not the best, they seem to suffer from lots of interfence, unless in a darkened room.