how to use a backup for Arduino YUN ?

Hello friends, I recently bought an Arduino YUN, and I emerged a problem out of nothing ...

while using a backup I had done, to finish loading, I could not access anymore Luci tries to uninstall and install again, but still did not work, also treat yourself to uninstall and install but still I succeed uHTTPd connect with Luci, apparently withdraws and somehow fix it, so my question is, is there any way you could retry again with OpenWrt Linino from microSD? or if anyone knows how to solve this problem?

thanks for everything!

What do you mean with "using a backup" ? I fear you may have run out of disk space

I suggest you to perform a factory reset: power on the yun, wait a couple of minutes, then press and hold the WLAN RST button for more than 30 seconds. Once pressed, the wlan led must start blinking. If it doesn't, wait a bit more for linux to start up.

If it still doesn't work, take a look at this post Is my WiFi dead? [SOLVED] - #4 by noblepepper - Arduino Yún - Arduino Forum

Thanks Federico ! i tried with this and worked ! i pressed the Button Reset Wlan for 30 seconds and reset all the archives, and finally the Arduino work, thank you very much for everything c: