How to use a Buzzer and a Flex Sensor

I need to de a glove with a flex sensor on each finger, and each time the fingers move, the buzzer makes a sound. How can I connect the Buzzer with the Flex sensor on Arduino.


link to flexsensor ? which buzzer ?

The buzzer is the Piezo Element

I need the code to a buzzer that would make a sound when the flex sensor flexes.

The sensor connects in series with a resitor. Middle point to an analog input.
Resistor value approx same as sensors resistance
The sentence: v=analogRead(inputpin); will return a value near 500 (depending on serial R)
Your program loop check for change in that value…
something like:
if (v<val1 || v>val2) action(); // where ‘action’ is the function that sounds the buzzer.
You make sound by switching power on/off to the element
digitalWrite(pin,HIGH); // then LOW - repeating in a loop. a short delay can change frequency