how to use a rs422 encoder?


I need to use this encoder:

and I've got some questions:

push-pull or line driver rs422?

what is the easiest way to link it to arduino?

some friend told me to use a transceiver but my electronic knowledge isn't enough to do it. can anybody tell me how to do it?


my previous test was done with a computer mouse and interruptions but I think that this time will be more difficult.

thanks again.

Yes it is more complex. Basically the signals are just like a rotary encoder, so you treat them like a:-

However you will need to set it as a push / pull output but this is a 24v signal so you will have to cut it down to 5V using a potential divider first with a 4 to 1 ratio. Then I would put some input protection catcher diodes on the input as well.