How to use a SPI 4" Waveshare 480x320 touch with TFT_HX8357 lib and a Mega2560?

Hello everyone!

As topic.

The TFT_HX8357 contain some very good big nice 72p 0-9 number fonts (I don't know how if even possible to pull them out from it, I'm quite new to this) that are specifically made to be able to shift fast without any flimmer due to a background set to them as I understand and they really work, and that is exactly what I need for my project.

The lib also have som very good settings as in fex be able to change the background color as well as the number color and some other good things. It also contain many and very, very good examples which have helped me a lot in many areas and that I really would like to use for the Waveshare display since I need a 4".

The 8357 communicate in parallell with the display and thus not with Waveshare SPI which %#ยค%& me off but when I crawled trough some random files in the lib I found SPI mentioned, I don't get it or is it for the touch perhaps?

So is it possible to use the HX8357 for a SPI display without to much hacking?

And for a totally different thing: is it possible to increase the SPI speed? The parallel displays are way faster but the Waveshare is SPI. Planning on buying a Due and clock it 80MHz otherwise.



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