How to use an IR receiver to calculate distance

I have a robot , with an IR receiver on it.1 meter away i use an IR led and i want to make the robot going on that possible ?i tried to find tutorials , but the only thing with IR receiver i found ,includes remote control.

Well you don't give any details about the IR receiver. If it's one like this or similar, it expects a 38kHz carrier wave. If it is one of those, then you need to make your IR Led produce such a carrier.

Let's find out from you first, what kind of receiver it is.

An IR receiver does not measure distance. Why do you think it does?

You can estimate distance from the IR signal strength, but that's highly dependent on the
beam pattern of emitter and receiver diodes. For more precise measurement you'd probably need
a diffuser at both ends and careful calibration and exclude unwanted light.

For an IR receiver you'd need one with an analog output. Most are digital output and would not give you any distance measurement.