How to use another slave SPI with Mcufriend 3.5" on a Mega ?


I would like to connect a NRF24L01+ to a Mega whith TFT Mcufriend.

I don't know witch pin I must use (I guess 11, 12 13 but i'm not sure)

And, witch pin is used with this TFT to SS1 - SPI ?

Thank you for your help.

If you are using a Uno Shield on a Mega you can access all the unused 8x1 headers on the Mega by using angle-header strip. The 18x2 header is visible with the Shield in place.

The SPI pins on a Mega are 50-53 which you can find on the 18x2 header. (50-52 are also on the 3x2 ISP male header.)


Thank you David, I'm going to try