HOW TO ? use Arduino GSM Shield as Network System for Yùn Linino + AWS YUN SDK


I bought an Yun card and Arduino GSM Shield v2 so that i can use the GSM Shield as a modem and use them with AWS YUN SDK (which uses communication in linux/linino side, wifi or else).

What a surprise, i have not found in any arduino documentation and webside a way to use my expensive GSM SHIELD as a modem and how to mount it as a network system interface :(

Is there a way to use the GSM Shield as a modem like GSM USB modem (which seems to be a documented and easy mounting) ?

I m a bit disappointing that Arduino Yun is so poorly documented about GSM communication with Arduino's own shield.

So who can save my investment? who has a solution to make a GSM shield into a GSM/GPRS modem for linux/linino?

Thanks in advance