How to use Arduino in php form? Please give me some clue and guideline

Hello everyone :slight_smile: I am new with arduino. I want to develop a php login page security based on rfid and fingerprint device. Basically we put username and password in a login form but I want to use rfid as username and fingerprint as password on my php login form. Please give me some basic instruction how can I accomplish this? Thanx in advance

Explain further? Do you want to host a website on an arduino?

lg, couka

Im using xampp as local server to run PHP. My local server is host. I want to use RFID and fingerprint as input device for my login form. Like we type our username with keyboard I want to do that wih a rfid card. RFID will contain the username. so that user doesnt need to type the username

Another approach is to create a web client on the Arduino and have it make a GET or POST request to the server. I assume there are examples for the EthernetShield that you could look up.

And just to be clear, you cannot run PHP code on an Arduino. Only C/C++