How to use arduino nano ble 33 sense?

Does anyone know of any books or anything that can help that can teach me how to use arduino nano ble 33 sense? Thank you.

This all I can see.

I doubt there are any books specifically about the Nano 33 BLE boards because they are fairly new. However, there are plenty of books about Arduino in general, and most of the information in those books will apply to a Nano 33 BLE.

One thing to note:

Using this core as an mbed library

You can use this core as a standard mbed library; all APIs are under arduino namespace (so they must be called like arduino::digitalWrite() )

The opposite is working as well; from any sketch you can call mbed APIs by prepending mbed:: namespace.

So you might also get some very useful information from a book on mbed. Note that the Nano 33 BLE core is the only official Arduino core (and I'm not aware of any 3rd parties that do it) that uses the mbed framework. So that information does not apply to any other Arduino boards.

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