How to use arduino to create a random pulse ac motor controller.

Hello, I am very new to arduino. I am undertaking a project where I need an ac motor controller that will pulse the motor randomly, for random times between 1 and 20 seconds. I did some research and I think that I can do it with arduino, but I have no idea of which arduino unit I should buy and how I would program it. Any help is appreciated, Thank you

See the BlinkWithoutDelay example for code. For the motor connection it's easy to control e.g. a SSR, but much more dangerous what it can do to you.

You want to apply pulses of random length between 1 and 20 seconds? How long will the interval between pulses be (fixed or random)?

Some combination of blink and the random() function to set the actual on/off times comes to mind.

Indeed SSR is the way to go. Mechanical relay should work as well, not the best for an application where the motor is switched on and off so often.