How to use Arduino Uno r3 control cc1101 module and let it send also recive

I have a project about use Arduino uno r3(RF Access Control RF Motor Control 4 Buttons Remote Controls 2 pcs Receiver [CE029A*2+TB420*1] - USD $29.99 : and also the one pair of cc1101 rf module to make the rf module can send and also receive information when I program the Arduino Uno, and I have the sample code of ELECHOUSE in this link(Category:CC1101 - ElectroDragon),but until now still can not send and also receive information.
I have some questions and please pardon me I am a beginner in this area,

  1. The arduino uno outcome voltage is 5V, but my rf module chip operating voltage is 3.3V, do I need some regulator or some buffer to drop down the voltage?
  2. Does the code of ELECHOUSE have some problem? It can not make my target come true.
    Hope you experts can come and help me. I will so appreciate that you contribute to my project. Thanks in advanced.
  1. Yes
    Something like
    Many companies sell similar

  2. No experience, leaving to others to answer


Exactly which cc1101 module do you have and how do you have it wired to the rest of the circuit (including power supply connections)?

If it is a 3.3V only module and is operating at 3.3V, then connecting its inputs to an output pin on a 5 V Arduino may have permanently damaged the cc1101 module.

You need level 3.3V/5 V logic level converters for the input/output connections. Beware that there are several different types of level converters, but you are pretty safe to use bidirectional level converters on all signal lines.

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