How to use Arduino Uno to control a 12 volt light with transistors

I'm working on a project that involves a simple circuit of a light and switch to power on and off. The lights I'm using require 11 V to work and since the Arduino board can output 5 V maximum I need to up the voltage the board can output. The purpose of the Arduino is to turn off the power supply or at least enter low-power mode after the switch is flipped on for 20 minutes to avoid excess power use if it is forgotten to turn off the switch. I did some research and this can be done with an NPN transistor but I don't have a lot of experience with their use. I have about 6 P2N2222 PNP transistors, currently, but I can get whatever is necessary to make this circuit work. Can someone please explain/show how I would need to use these transistors to increase my Arduions output voltage to accomplish the 11 V requirement?


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It is a common enough one for google to answer in many similar ways.

My own preferences is to use a MOSFET approach to enable a PWM factor to be used as a variable output.