How to use ArduinoJSON with Ciao RestServer

I did something like this:

void loop() {
  CiaoData data ="restserver");
    String id = data.get(0);
    String request = data.get(2);
    String command[3];

void execute_rest(String cmd[], String id) {
  if (cmd[0] == "STATUS") {
    Ciao.writeResponse("restserver",id,"sorry, i don't understand :(");

void statusCommand(String cmd[], String id) {
  JsonObject& root = jsonBuffer.createObject();
    root["on_off"] = digitalRead(6);
    root["Temperature"] = 20;
    // Ciao.writeResponse("restserver",id, root);      // this throws exceptions
  root.PrintTo(???);                                   // this is the example line

I wold like to send that JSON to my REST API http://ip/arduino/status/ The above expample is part from: But im not able to combine it with ciao somehow.

Maybe somewone has more experience with ciao here?

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