How to use Ardunio Mega 2560 to control the XL430-W250 ServoMotro

Hi, handsome, pretty and talented engineer.
I have some trouble on how to use the Ardunio Mega 2560 to control the XL430-W250 ServoMotro. The link of the Servo is below:
Can anyone provide some useful code or link. Thank you for your excellent work.

The device connects to a serial multidrop bus, see Specifications.
As a first step you have to acquire or build a converter from full duplex Serial (RxD, TxD) to half duplex (Data) converter. See chapter "4.5 Communication Circuit" for the circuit used inside the servo. Connect it to a free Serial port of the Mega.

Then implement the communication according to the protocol and your needs. See e.g. DYNAMIXEL SDK.