How to use AWG 30 wires with an Arduino

So I bought this Slip Ring from amazon:

I want to use it with my LEORX NEMA 17 Stepper. The problem is that the wires are too thin to fit into the female jumper cable of the stepper. How can I solve this problem? Should I buy a slip ring with AWG 26 wires? Should I solder a pin header onto the wires?

Thanks in advance!

That's why you have a soldering iron, don't you?

But do note, the motor is rated for 2A but without circuitry it will NOT limit itself to 2A and draw more if you block it or overload it. And note that even 2A is right on the boarder of the slip ring.

26 AWG is a better choice, you would double it over and add a Dupont connector.

But, for 30 AWG, the iron is needed.
2 Amps is high for 30 AWG.

That looks like the Adafruit slip ring, which uses 26 AWG wires.

30 AWG would not handle 2 A.