how to use basic arduino board, simple camera & wireless radio module

I am a new bee to arduino, I want to use basic arduino board (no shields), arduino compatible camera and radio wireless module to send video to Laptop. How to do it please someone guide

You might try the search function in the upper right of this page to get previous discussions. Similar setups have been discussed, but I don't remember anything that actually worked.

An Arduino does not have the processing capacity to deal with images or video.

It could be used to turn a camera on or off as long as it was not expected to deal with the picture data.


It may... be possible to create Time lapse videos using a serial camera and an Arduino, but I'd rather use a faster camera-module in combination with a raspberry Pi.

Is the below project possible with Arduino, after being sure I can proceed with my R&D to complete the project.

Step 1. A video Cam connected to, communicating and sending video to Arduino

Step 2. Arduino sends in wireless mode the data received from Cam to another Arduino connected to PC.

Step 3. PC gets the data (video) from Arduino and displays on Screen.

Step 4. While this is happening PC can also control the direction of Cam by sending the Control signal to Arduino that is connected to PC. This Arduino sends the signal in wireless mode to Arduino with which Cam is attached.

If so please list the components to use. I do not want to use wireless Camera directly.


Eagerly waiting for replies.

Arduinos are not fast enough for full speed video. However if you only need a few frames per sec, it may be ok.


Use the Arduino to run the pointing servos but connect the camera hardware direct to the PC.
That has already been done for more than one app, there's one devices that looks around, counts things and will lock on and track objects by color.

Use the Arduino to run the pointing servos but connect the camera hardware direct to the PC.

op said "I do not want to use wireless Camera directly."

I do not want to use wireless Camera directly.

sounds like you want a repeater for the video.
and wirless control of t tilt/pan movement

can you put the video on the internet from the camera ?

I do not want to use wireless Camera directly.

Then you want one of the poplar "Video Sender" devices.

That is if you want it in (composite) video format. If you want it in digital format, you want a wireless "IP camera". These are readily available including the pan and tilt function.

You seem to have misunderstood what an Arduino is. (Yes, people frequently come here doing just the same. :roll_eyes: ) Yes, you can make all sorts of things with it, but within its capabilities. What you can not do with it, is to miraculously perform the task of a standard mass-produced device more cheaply than that device is already being sold, and that is precisely what you are asking.

If you could do it, it would be many times more expensive than going out and buying the thing, not to mention the months spent learning how to do it.

You are gonna need a bigger boat.

Would you care for some Raspberry Pi?

Really you can buy the camera and transmitter as a package, a small package. Look on eBay.