How to use Bluetooth dongle to turn Arduino into a Bluetooth HID device?


I try to turn USB keyboard (and mouse) into Bluetooth keyboard (and mouse) through Arduino.
The connection is described as:
USB Keyboard --> USB Host Shield -> Bluetooth dongle -> iPhone (or Android, or PC)

But all the articles I found are describing using (a) a Bluetooth HID module or (b) HC05/06 flashed with RN-42 ROM.
And that's not what I want.

I have a USB Host Shield, and I have succeeded in running these two examples:
(1) use a Bluetooth dongle to talk with Android device through SPP(serial port protocol);
(2) use a Bluetooth dongle to pair with a Bluetooth keyboard.

How to achieve my goal?
To implement a class like the (SPP.cpp in the USB_Host_Shield library) to talk to the Bluetooth dongle? Using the HCI?

Any clue?

Did you end up finding a solution?

You will notice that this thread is two years old, it has only one post, and the OP has only posted once. I think you can be sure the answer is a resounding no, but you are not likely to ever know.