How to use BMA180 breakout board

Hey I am a beginner and i want to use BMA180 breakout board. There are other 5V devices which need to be used simultaneously along with it and BMA180 requires 3.3V signals. Any help with wiring and code for getting orientation values will be helpful. I am not experienced in I2C either

Hi, If you will point to information on the board you want to use, people are much more likely to understand and answer...

More complete information about what you are trying to do is necessary for any accurate answers...

I want to track the orientation of a small vehicle using bma180 and store the values over a period of time on a microsd card. i am using-

I have tried the cardinfo example an it is not being initialized. The one time it did initialize it said card format is not compatible. I used a formatted 1gb MMC

I used 1.8K and 3.3K voltage divder for converting signals to 3.3V for the MMC card breakout.

The wiring i followed for bma180 is

I used the code from