How to use data from a server in a client

Hello, I’m a new student in programming language and still learning. I’m trying to create a communication between a client and 2 servers. The servers will pass some data to the client and the client will use the data to perform some calculations. My current problem is, the client have already received all the data but somehow it cannot use the data to perform the calculations that I want. Can someone help me please?

HCICLIENT.ino (2.76 KB)

can't read your file from my smartphone. See how to post code in the forum directly using code tags

You are reading all your variables from the servers into variables of type 'String' but you are trying to use them as numbers. Look at the methods of the 'String' class to see how to convert them into integers or floats.

Also, you seem to have many odd field separators in your data when using the ReadUntil()

client.readStringUntil('\r');   // receives the answer from the sever

If you are just matching a regular letter of the alphabet, you don't need the leading ''