How to use develop tools to add macro defination in sdkconfig.h?

I'm using Ardunio IDE 1.8.16 on Windows 10.
esp32 version: 2.0.1
How to use develop tools to add a macro defination in sdkconfig.h?
Is there a solution?

This addresses the file:

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Here developers use Platformio IDE, and IDF , but actually I use Arduino IDE.

Same concept ...
A library or core is downloaded and a zillion files get installed. A configuration file, once located, can almost always be edited with notepad or notepad++ or whatever you normally use for flatfiles.

You are right. As a developer it's easy. But I want common user to config it easily.
So I want to know if there is a tool to config it rather than modify the .h file directly.

But you could write one. If on Windows, a little VBA is all that is required. There is a VBA compiler.
For Linux, there are editors and scripting.
You could even do it in Excel or Word.
I suspect PowerShell could be used. Google it.

Also, FreeBASIC

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Also QB64

Compile QB4.5 syntax to Windows 10/11 32-bit/6-bit

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Thanks a lot!

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