How to use expansion based board for Nodemcu using relay

Hi everyone! I have some queries. Instead of using breadboard I want to use Expansion board for my Nodemcu. But then I haven't bought expansion board yet because I want to seek help for what should consider to buy I'm assuming

1.) Power supply (like how many V? can you provide link on how it looks ty)
2.) Female to female jumpers about 10-20cm I think
Or if there's more I need to buy please let me know.

I have created schematic diagram. So in this schematic diagram the one with breadboard is currently what I built as my prototype now I want to replicate it using expansion board. I'm not familiar to the pins on expansion board. As you can see in the right side I tried to pin it in expansion board just like in the one with breadboard.

Is my pins correct in expansion board? or the pins works perfectly different than the one with breadboard?

Thank you so much in advance!

Well now, firstly you need to give the Web link for the expansion board. Do you really think I should have to go and look for it to figure out what you are talking about? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Secondly, the link on the relay board should be removed. "VD-VCC" and "GND" connect as a pair directly to the 5 V power supply,

Then, the "IN" pins run together as a bundle with the "VCC" pin to the NodeMCU where "VCC" connects to the 5 V pin, not 3 V. "GND" does not go to the NodeMCU as such.

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Hi sir I'm assuming it should look like this? instead of connecting it into 3v i put in 5v pin. is it enough to use 12v power adapter in order to turn on my NodeMCU?

also this is what I'm planning to use

Well, you have not followed my explanation as to how to arrange the wiring. It will probably work OK anyway, but if it becomes erratic, you may need to review what I explained.

Given that this expansion board does include a proper switchmode regulator, the 12 V power supply would appear to be quite appropriate.

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